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The last half of this week, I'm going to be funny an amazing hike up in the 'Daks with my friend Gretchen.  Our goal is to reach Lake Tear of the Clouds, the highest headwaters of the Hudson river, and the highest standing body of water in New York.  That in itself is not a horrific hike, if you break it up into a couple days.  Our current plan:

Hike into lake Colden from upper works parking lot on Wednesday.  I hope to get the lean-to on Colden, but there are plenty of other places to camp there. 

Thursday we'll hike up to the lake, and probably will be there by noon, if not 10.  It's only 3ish miles from where we're going to camp.  After that, it'll depend on how we feel.  We may do Skylight, but more likely will 2 make it an 11.5 mile hike and go over Marcy to Indian falls, then head over to avalanche camp and back through avalanche pass.

Friday we'll pack out, but we probably will hit Marshall for another 3 mile hike, but this time it's all forested and fill of spring time moss.  We should be home sometime Friday afternoon.

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