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This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being invited to Thornhaven to teach oracular seidhr to 6 Canadians, all women. The trip North was rather uneventful.  I drove up through the Adirondacks to reach the border crossing at Ogdensburg around 10 Friday night.  Easiest border Cristina I ever had as it was only me.  I arrived at Thornhaven shortly there after and spent a couple hours socializing before bed.

Saturday came, and around 10 I get a small tour of the property, and participated in offerings to the new Freya God pole in their vé.  Beautiful property, great vé that they have to work in, and plenty of room for more God pole... Currently it also houses Odin and Tyr.  I hope to come back and see it again.

We then spent the rest of the day working on the skills for seidhr.  All the women were attentive, and picked up the skills quickly.  The moment of fear came when they did a practice seeing, but they all got through it with flying colors.  Later Saturday night, after dinner, we did the student seidhr.  It went wonderfully, and they all were able to answer the questions, and what I saw along with them agreed.

When the students were done, I asked if there were more questions and got a resounding yes.  I sat for an hour or so, had arguments with Odin, and have all the answers I could.  Even had a question of a deceased dog, not knowing it was a dog (next time ask?) But the answers kinda made sense after discussing it later.

We had our debriefing, and socialized for a few more hours after.  Everyone was high energy and having fun until we realized it was 2 and should go to bed. This is what I love about our pagan communities.  We can be so welcoming to others, and quickly form these bonds of friendship.  It doesn't hurt that we were drinking wine at that point too.

Sunday we did a wrap up.  Everyone was doing fine if only sleep deprived.  Any lingering questions were answered and we started to get sidetracked on various other topics.  I have to say I learned a lot from them both in the training part, but also through the many conversations.

To me, doing these kinds of courses, sharing my knowledge to various others outside me local community... This is what doing the work of a priest is.  This is also something I enjoy doing.  So, once again, I will put the offer out there.  If you or your Grove can get a handful of people together (6-9 is ideal) for seidhr training, I am willing to travel, and we can work out logistics.... If I can reasonably drive, I really only want somewhere to sleep and food.  If I have to fly, we can discuss.

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