Submitted by RobbMLewis on Sat, 03/18/2017 - 17:14

Gradients, again.

So, I took another stab at long gradients.  This time I tried to learn from the mistakes I made the previous time.  As with last time, I did a base dye of red.  From there, things differed.

After dying the red, I unwound and measured it out like I did the previous time.  50 yards out, and then come back, so we had 100 yd loops.  This time I didn't tye it up in multiple small skeins.  Instead, I tied a loop of twine through the skein to mark one end, and to keep the yarns apart.  We're talking only about 6 strands per side here, so it's possible to figure it out, but easier to just mark it.  This, I should mention, was done wet.

Next up, I prepared the dye pot and dye.  The dye was dissolved in a cup, and a portion poured into the pot.  I then took my large skein and starting at one end, started to put it into the pot.  Once most was in, I let it soak a couple min, then pulled some out, add more dye, and let sit.  This was repeated over about 30 min..  The last few yards were left in as long as I could with as much black as I could to get them as dark as I could.  It never really turned completely black though... slightly disappoined about that.

Once this was all done, I microwarved to set the dye and rinsed.  The yarn was then re-hung and left to dry a bit.  I then spent about an hour trying to get things untangled while winding a skein.  This was frustrating, but it's unlikely that doing it this way I could ever get it done better.... the one thing that comes to mind is adding more pins so I can loop the skein over 100 yd instead of 50, basically as a full loop and not a doubled loop.

The results though are more along of what I was wanting to do.  The gradient is more gradual.  It's off to a friend to be knitted, so when he gets around to that, I will share the results.  I'm sure it'll be pretty, just not sure if 100 yd repeats on the solids will be enough, or if I need to do even larger.

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