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Consistent Blues

After I screwed up measuring the amount of dye needed for my first batch, I decided it was best to move towards measuring dye by volume.  Now I know this is less accurate, but it should be close.  My goal this time was to do 2 of the same yarn and see if I could be consistent and get the same color.

Blue was my color choice this time, and worsted corriedale that was gifted to me was the yarn of choice.  My prep was similar to what I did with the greens.  I took the skeins, untwisted them, ran a bit of twine through each the skein and soaked it in a pot of hot water.  I then went and pulled them out to make the dye bath.  One eighth of a teaspoon of dye, stir the pot up, and in went the yarn. 

I waited a few min to see what the color would be and decided it was good, but needed a little more.  I dissolved another eighth in hot water and split it between the 2 pots.  This looked good.  So it was time to heat it up, add acid, and let it cool.  The dye baths were clear, the yarn was rinsed, and all was left to dry.

Consistent Blues resulting yarnNow, the colors were not a perfect match.  They were very close though.  I cut the tires the mill used to hold the skeins together and saw a problem...   The ties were a little tight, and I got a bit of tie dye effect with lighter blue/white where tied.  I knew this was a possibility, but I wasn't thinking and the other yarn supplier was loose enough I didn't have to worry.  So I re-skeined the yarn, and they await for a friend to find a project for then.

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