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As this is being published, there is a new era of American politics that is starting.  Let me start off by saying that I do not wish to see him fail.  To wish the president to fail is wishing that we as a country fail.  So, no, I don't wish him to fail.  That does not mean I support his agenda, whatever it may be, or that I support the man.  I respect and support the office.  The man on the other hand is a completely different story, and it's well documented why he is not a man to celebrate.

That all being said, we are going to be in for a tough few years.  The partisan divide will continue to get deeper.  We will be going backwards in terms of any progress made in the last 8 years, if not since Bill Clinton was president.  We are going to see 2, if not 4 years, of Republicans trying to undo every and any regulation they can.  The belief that free market should drive everything is theirs, and one that has been shown time and time again to not work as they promise.... prices keep going up not down, people get harmed, stupid and risky things happen and require bailouts to save the economy (see the housing crisis of 2008).

These ideals are obviously not ones I agree with.  I have read the history books, and I have seen the results, and we're just going to repeat it again.  My hope is that whatever is done, takes effect quickly, not in 4 or 5 years.  Let the people that have voted the current leaders in, specifically the poorly educated and poor, working class person, bear the brunt of the new policies.  Let them suffer, and have the blame fall squarely, and without any doubt, on the shoulders of the Republicans.  Only then will we stop these stupid policies, because they can't get re-elected.  

Kansas, and Sam Brownback is a perfect example of what the Republicans want to do.  The state is a disaster.  They lowered taxes and jobs did not come back.  They now have no funding for essentials throughout the state, specifically the schools.  The state courts have consistently ruled against the state saying they need to provide funding at certain levels for the schools, and as a result, the hole gets deeper.  This last election cycle, many incumbents lost their primaries.  This is what the congressional Republicans want to do to the country, or at least the ideals they want to put in place, and what that results in.

It will only be through pain and suffering that we will get real change.  When the working class person that has blindly voted Republican because of their social values and the mis-understood idea that they were not out for only the rich and corporations.  When the people that left the Democrats in the 60's over civil rights realize that what they have been voting for has not helped them one bit, but has hurt them greatly.  Only when that happens will we see change within the political landscape.

So, I say we let the Republicans have their utopia for a couple years.  Yes, it will suck.  We will move backwards.  We may lose civil rights.  I am not happy about that, but that is what we are stuck with for at least 2 years.  Only after we suffer can we grow.  My only solace is that I live in a very liberal state, so most of the changes that will be enacted are not going to hit me as we have stronger protections than we do on a federal level.  I also am opening my house to any that need to flee their homes for fear of things that are happening.

We also need to keep the pressure up.  We need to continually point out that these policies are stupid.  We need to show real world examples of why we shouldn't do this or that.  We need to put a face on the issues, and that face has to be someone that people can relate to.  We need to keep the pressure up and keep going when we fail, as we are sure to fail a lot over the next few years.  We need to be able to say, look, we tried to stop it, but the people you voted for didn't listen and they are to blame.

So, no, I don't hope that the president fails.  I hope that he succeeds so that we can get past these stupid policies once and for all.

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