Submitted by RobbMLewis on Mon, 01/16/2017 - 12:33

Today, many of us have the day off to celebrate one of the civil rights movement largest figures, Martin Luther King Jr.  In the years that he was alive, he helped bring the racism that was all around America, and specifically in the South, to the public's attention.  We have come a long way from how things were in his lifetime.  We are not done thought.

Yes, we have had the unthinkable, a black president.  We also have had 8 years of political stalemate because one party refused to accept him as president.  They will claim it was not about his race, but could you see them doing this to a white man so easily?  We are about to enter a new presidency, with someone in charge that has publicly on multiple occasions been racist.  He has a horrible track record on treating minorities of any kind fairly.  His advisors and his nominees for cabinet positions are also people with poor track records.

While we honor Martin Luther King Jr. today, we must also continue his fight.  We need to get involved in our political process.  We need to be writing to our representatives at all levels of government to fight for equality for all. We need to protest and be seen.  We need to educate those that question us, and we need to have conviction to keep this up until things change.

We have come far, from the days of slavery, though the Jim Crow laws and segregation, to today.  We still have further to go.  Honor his memory and take action to make a difference.

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