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Today we continue talking about invocations by looking at the Land Spirits.  Here is my basic invocation

Land Spirits!

You who live among us.

Those of fur and feather, scale and skin, we offer you welcome.

You of stick and stem, leaf and flower, we offer you welcome.

All those seen and unseen, the fae, all of you spirits of the land, we offer you welcome.

Come, Join us at our fire as we celebrate (ritual purpose) tonight.

Land Spirits, Accept our Sacrifice!

As I stated last week with the Ancestors, this is admittedly simple and formulaic.  The formula once again is:


description of one type, we offer you welcome.

description of another type, we offer you welcome.

description of a third type, we offer you welcome.

Come, Join us at our fire as we celebrate (ritual purpose) tonight.

KINDRED TYPE, Accept our Sacrifice!

So, lets break down the three types of land spirits I am calling on.

First we have those of "fur and feather, scale and skin".  I take this from the "Fur and Feather" chant you can find here: .  The kinds of land spirits I am calling to join us though are all the animals that live on this land.  It may seem strange to say we are offering them welcome to someplace that they live.  We're not though.  By this point, with the recreating of the cosmos we have done, we are now at the center of all worlds both in space and time (We'll talk about that in a later blog entry).  We are inviting them into our ritual and our recreated cosmos, which is not their home, even though it may appear to physically be in their home.

Next, I invite in those of "stick and stem, leaf and flower".  These are all the plants that are here.  While many of us look at plants as relatively inanimate things, they are living beings, and if you look at the Greek lore specifically, there are spirits within them.  Along with that, without the plants, we wouldn't have animals, and in many ways the opposite is true.  So, we should invite and welcome any of the plant spirits that want to come.

Finally, we have all the rest.  These are the unseen spirits, as in normally hidden from our view.  These are the beings you find in the lore, specifically beings like the fey, trolls, dwarves, elves, etc...  They are here, but they are usually somewhat invisible to us.  We can't forget them, for if we did, well, they may play tricks on us.

And once again, we are ending with telling them they are welcome to come to the ritual, what we're doing in the ritual, and then give them offerings.

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