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As I started to do last week, this week, we will continue to look at the Core Order of Ritual.  Today, we'll start looking at calling the Kindred with calling on the Ancestors.  My basic call for the ancestors is this


You who are part of our lineage, oure relatives and blood relations, we offer you welcome.

You whom are friends and allies, oue chosen family, we offer you welcome.

You who walked this very land, those who lived here before us, we offer you welcome.

Come, Join us at our fire as we celebrate (ritual purpose) tonight.

Ancestors, Accept our Sacrifice!

Admittedly, this is a very simple call to the ancestors, but it does cover what I consider the three kinds of ancestors.  You will notice that this is rather formulaic, and this will come up in my other Kindred calls.  First rule of life is to KISS... Keep It Simple Stupid... Because I keep the kindred calls formulaic and simple, it makes them easier to remember, and easier to create on the fly if needed.  So, if you don't see the formula here, this is what I'm doing:


description of one type, we offer you welcome.

description of another type, we offer you welcome.

description of a third type, we offer you welcome.

Come, Join us at our fire as we celebrate (ritual purpose) tonight.

KINDRED TYPE, Accept our Sacrifice!


This leads us to the question of what types of ancestors there are.  The simple way I look at this is those of blood, those we choose, and those here before us.

Ancestors of blood are our biological family that have passed on.  They may be known to us or not, but we all have at least 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, etc... probably at some point multiple uncles, aunts, and cousins of various degrees away. The question comes up, in the age of divorce and adoption, what about our step-parents or adoptive parents?  What if we don't know who our biological family is?  What if we have disowned, or been disowned by our biological family?  Those are all good questions, and are honestly things you need to ask and answer yourself as everyone will answer it differently.  My personal opinion though is that all my blood relatives, whether or not I was on good or bad terms with them at their death, they are all welcomed as long as they behave.  If they don't, they're covered by the outdweller stuff done earlier in the ritual.

Ancestors we choose are our friends and chosen family.  I could make the argument that non-biological family such as step-parents and adoptive parents or partners, would fall under this.  I could also make the argument that they were such an important part of your life that they should be considered blood relatives.  Either way, calling on both blood and chosen relatives, they are invited.  This grouping though also covers our friends.  For many of us, our friends are more of a family than our blood relatives.  It should be obvious then that we should invite them in.

Finally, we have ancestors of place. Everywhere we go, except maybe for mountain tops and most of Antarctica, people have been there before, died there, and are buried there.  There are bones in the soil somewhere near where you are holding ritual.  Where I live, this would be one of the Iroquois tribes. They are truly unknown to me, although I do know a few people of relatively local Indian heritage.  This is rightfully their land, and I am acknowledging that, and making a gesture of appreciation to them when I ask them to join us.  They are also already here, so would you want to be rude and not invite them, or worse disinvite them? 

I then wrap everything up by making my intentions clear.  Come, Join us, this is what we're celebrating!  Here, accept ths!


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Great segment! I concur! This is the time to honor our ancestors as we move closer to Samhain I can feel the veil between the worlds thinning. Lots more ancestors crossed over since last year I look forward to a very powerful Samhain ritual this year!

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