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I was planning to post this earlier in the week, but the things in my last post were honestly of more importance with regards to the violation of personal space.

Last week, we saw the Asatru Folk Assembly (AFA) come out of the shadows that they have hidden in for years.  It was common knowledge that Steven McNallen and the AFA were pushing a white supremacist agenda.  He was relatively successful though at hiding that from the general public, always dancing around the subject, never confirming it.  I have to say though, it was well understood throughout the heathen community that this is what they were about.  I had heard rumor many years ago that they were trying to change their image, and I honestly hoped that was true, but I didn't believe it, and warned people appropriately when asked.

The AFA changed their leadership this year, and the new leader posted on Monday to Facebook a post that made it perfectly clear that they are indeed a white supremacist group.  The post celebrated their "many men" and "feminine women" and their "white children".  If there was any doubt as to what they were referring to, you could read their carefully cultivated comments, or ask a question get it answered, and then have your comment deleted.  They are truly referring to affirming that only cis-gendered people of northern European descent are welcomed within the AFA.  Most neo-pagan groups have vocally denounced these ideals specifically with regards to the AFA, and in general.  Sadly, one group I belong to only went as far as to say that we don't allow that here, but did not go any further in denouncing these beliefs outside the group.  

These intolerances do not belong in the modern neo-pagan movement.  It is because of the actions of groups such as the AFA, the "Odinists" that use religion as an excuse to practice their neo-nazi beliefs, or any other group that does similar.... It is because of these groups that neo-pagans, and heathens in particular have a bad name.  I have recently been told by one friend that he was warned about heathens and their white supremacist ways, and because of that he stayed away from heathens until he met some without knowing they were heathen and realized that they were not that.  The fact is that the vast majority of the neo-pagans, including heathens, do not hold these beliefs.  The fact is that the vast majority of the neo-pagans and heathens find these beliefs to be disgusting.

I call on everyone to stand up against these beliefs.  There was no basis for them when Adolf Hitler perverted them in the 1930's, and there is no basis for them today.  We need to call out all people who hold these beliefs and not let them live in the shadows.  We need to make it difficult for them to live in this world.  We need to stop them from teaching this hatred to their children and passing these beliefs on.  We have to stop them.  So, when you see people espouse these beliefs make sure everyone knows about it so their life is even more difficult.  Only when we all stand up as one will these beliefs become extinct.

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