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This past long weekend I attended the Summerland Festival that is put on by Sixth Night Grove, ADF and held in the Dayton OH area.  This year was a year of records attendance with a bit over 100 people attending... The only higher attendance was the year Isaac Bonewits died and his memorial was held.  The camp itself a 4H camp and has very reasonable accommodations, especially when compared camping at places like Brushwood or Wisteria.

The festival this year had the theme of sacred fire, and all the workshops were related to that in one way or another.  I put on a workshop about sacred brewing which included brewing a mead for future Summerlands.  This mead was made sacred during the brewing, but also during the opening ritual where all the participants charged the yeast before i pitched it in the mead.  It is happily bubbling away at home, so it looks like it worked.

This year, I made this festival my vacation as I am not going to be able to relax the next festival.  This means I didn't attend any workshops and spent a good deal of time socializing and catching up with people.  I did bring out my camera though, and I took a lot of pictures during bardic night and the main ritual.  You can find these at:


I personally had a wonderful time and highly recommend the festival to everyone.  You can find more information about this past festival and if you keep watching, next year's festival at:

Unfortunately though, there was something that came light after the festival that was blogged about by one of our priests.  She found when she got home that someone had cut a lock of her hair off sometime during the festival.  This is not acceptable behavior for anyone to violate another person's space.  I know I saw many people asking first before hugging, and that is a good thing.  What she experienced though will sadly taint the festival.  I am adding this in and including a link to her blog post to raise awareness of this.  I ask us all to condemn this kind of behavior, and work to remove it from our community.…


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