Submitted by RobbMLewis on Tue, 07/26/2016 - 11:19

Last week I was able to help out the Saint Paul's Center by doing rune readings during one of their fundraising events.  I did this event last year, and summer period remembered me, and told me I was right on.  As a person who does divination, positive feedback like that is always appreciated.

Now doing rapid readings for multiple people over two hours can be an interesting experience.  Add into that the general noise of such an event, and it's even more difficult. Even with that though, I able to trust my training, and that old one eye had my back.  The runes talked me, and even when almost no information was given other than a question, I apparently described the situation well, and it fit when we discussed it after the reading.

Runes are only a small number of symbols.  It always surprises me with how much information can be gotten from them.  The moral, I guess, of this tale is that you should always trust your training, and if you find someone that is honest, and skilled with divination, keep them.


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