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We once again have traveled around the sun, and our northern reaches are pointing as far away form it as they can.  This means we have just passed the longest night and will be having longer and longer days ahead of us.  This is a time that we honor Suna and pray for her return.  This is a time where we honor Odhinn and ask her but take us in his wild hunts.  This is a time to spend with friends and family and to celebrate each other.

I have a few Yule traditions that I follow every year.  First of course is the celebration with my grove.  We honor Odhinn, talk and remind ourselves about the wild hunt, and we ask for a good winter... Which is followed up at Imbolc by asking the groundhog to bring about an early or mild spring.  We have also started the tradition of doing oracular work at it celebration.  I've given of myself, as part of my sacrifice to the old man, and been the seer for an oracular seidhr.  This year was no different, and though the questions were few, they got answered, and I can say my practice grew some more due to then.

I have other traditions that go on during this time.  These revolve around friends and family.  I go out to dinner, or I bake for my friend, and spend some time with them sit-in the holiday season, letting them know how I feel about them (all positive of course).  I also send out our give out a handful of cats to those I care about, not the mass sending of the same card to everyone in my address book, but individually chosen cards for specific people.  It is all about letting them know one way or another that I care for them.

This year though, one tradition is changing.  For my whole life, the family on my mother's side has gathered for Christmas dinner.  This year my mother, stepfather, and I will not be taking part.  My parents just moved away from my grandparents, and it is not going to be ready for them to get back up for the holiday.  So I will be staying the new tradition of spending it with my mother and stepfather, and then visiting my grandparents on the way home.

So traditions stay the same and traditions change.  That is the way life goes.  I would like to close though by wishing you a happy holiday, no matter what your beliefs and practices are, and a joyous new year.

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