Submitted by RobbMLewis on Mon, 08/31/2015 - 10:35

Over this last weekend, I was initiated into the ADF iniates current.  This was an interesting experience, and some of what I went through I can't really divulge.  To start with though, there are 3 ordeals.  The first is being asked questions about the work you did up to that point.  This was public and everyone present could hear your answers.  I was confident in my work, and my initiators knew me well enough.  There were some difficult questions, but I got through it.  Word of advice for future initiates, review your own work, especially if you have taken years to get to that point.

The second ordeal is to run a ritual, and specific key parts have to be done by the candidate.  In the end, I did almost the whole ritual, but again, no concerns here, I have been doing this all for a long time, and even though it was all made up on the fly, it passed.

The third ordeal is the actual initiation.  I can't talk much about that for hopefully obvious reasons.  In short though, it did involve a long time in trance, and a good deal of journey work... Not like I haven't done that kind of stuff before.

Finally, and this was not something I had prepared for, there is an oath taken.... One that basically says what you are going to do as a result of this work, and very much an individual thing.  I have realized for a long while now that the seer/oracular thing was where I was supposed to be heading.  The third ordeal cemented that observation.  I have now oathed to serve the folk through this seership/oracular work, and to do it more frequently.

So, in the end, even though the initiates path was never my primary focus, and honestly just something that was completed on the way to clergy, it really was worth doing.  I can't say I have changed greatly.  Thanks to the seidhr and possession work I have picked up through Diana Paxson and Lorrie Wood, I have become more open to the spirits, and hear then a bit better now (which is it's own fun).  This work though has clarified where I should be heading and what I should be doing.

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