I offer various spiritual and healing services upon request, and for a reasonable cost.

Divination and Reiki can both be done remotely, at your residence, or my house as needed.

Contact Me to set up an appointment.

  • Divinatory:

    • Rune readings using the Elder Futhark can be an insightful experience.  The runes have been used for ages as a divination tool to help people find answers to questions they have.  The method I use involves casting the stones and interpreting the results with you.  This is best done when you have a specific question and want to hear unfiltered advice.
    • The cost for this service is $25 for 30 min.
  • Reiki:

    • Reiki is an energy healing technique.  This involves the direction of energy through me and into your body to assist in the healing of all kinds of ailments.  Associated with this, I use audio that can induce a meditative to a trance like state that also assists in your healing.  My practice is to do a general healing attunement and then focus on what ever issues you tell me about, or I find during the attunement.  This is best done in person, but can be done remotely if requested.
    • The cost for this service is $30 for 30 min, $50 for an hour.
    • I am also a Master-Teacher for Reiki, and am willing to offer courses for reasonable rates if there are requests.
  • Ritual Services

    • Being an ordained priest for Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF) I can perform weddings and funerals as needed.  I prefer to use an ADF ritual format if possible, but am willing to use other Neo-pagan formats as requested.  For weddings, I require that I meet with the couple prior to accepting the request to do a wedding to make sure all is fine. 
    • The costs will vary for these services with a typical wedding costing around $100 and a typical funernal around $50.
    • Other ritual services, such as healing and blessings can be requested and pricing will vary depending on the work required.