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This is one of the most common requirements that keep people from completing the coursework.  If you already do a meditative/trance practice, you just need to journal it.  Otherwise, find one day a week where you can be by  yourself (lock yourself in a room and don't let your partner, spouse, roommate, children, and/or pets disturb you).  You only need to spend 10 minutes a week, and you don't need to be successful.  This is about trying, and seeing what happens.  I had nothing even close to succes until my second or third to last attempt, then I lost it again.  You just need to write down what you tried and your results.

We're also not really requiring that you go the full Zen Buddist or a full out trance experience.  It's more about getting to that state.  Some common techniques are:

  • Breath
    • in 4, hold 4, out 4, hold 4 to a 120 beats per minute drumming
    • Can be modified to fit you, the counts are only my preference
    • Should be a pattern and should not be a pattern that is used for anything else.
  • Drumming
    • Drumming to Journey By is an excellent shamanic druming CD with callback that gives you options of 5 to 72 min trances.
    • Any drumming (music or drumming yourself) at 120 BPM or multiple of 120 BPM tend to be trance inducting.
  • Candle
    • Focusing on a candle flame
  • 2 Powers
    • Becoming the tree and imersing yourself into the 2 Powers meditation is a powerful way to get into the state and also do something energentically
  • There are many other suggestions at the start of the Trance 1 and Trance 2 courses that you can try.

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