1.    Translate the three phrases below into the languages of three different hearth cultures as practiced in ADF, and submit a digital recording (mp3 preferred) or a cassette tape of these phrases:

a.    Welsh:

1.    So be it - Bydded felly

2.    We thank you - Diolch i Ti

3.    Accept this sacrifice - Derbyn ein haberth

b.    Icelandic:

1.    So be it - Verði það svo

2.    We thank you - við þökkum ykkur!

3.    Accept this sacrifice - takið á móti fórnum okkar!

c.    Latin:

1.    So be it – Ita sit

2.    We thank you – Gratias tibi agamus

3.    Accept this sacrifice – Mactete hoc sacrificio


2.    Compose or recite from memory a simple inspirational invocation in your native tongue or in an appropriate language for the hearth culture (please send a digital recording of the invocation if recited) to three bardic deities, one each from three different hearth cultures, as practiced in ADF. Please provide an English translation, if the language is not English. Examples could include (but are not limited to) Taliesin or Ceridwen from the Welsh, Apollo from the Hellenic/Roman, Bragi or Skaldi from the Germano-Norse, etc. (Minimum of four lines per invocation)

a.    Kvasir for Norse:

Kvasir, you were born from the war of the Aesir and the Vanir.  You were then killed and your blood preserved with honey creating a magical mead.  You were then taken by a giant and kept safe with his sister.  It was then that Odin spent three nights by her side to just get sip of you, and what a sip he took.  He drank all of you in that one sip, and escaped from the Giantess in the form of an Eagle only to be followed by the Giant.  When he reached Asgard, Thor took care of the Giant, and you were put into pots.  Along that flight though, three drops of you were spilled on man and you inspired them.

We call on you to inspire us.  Give us the silvered tongues we need tonight.  May we speak only truths.

Kvasir!  Inspire us!  Kvasir! Accept our Sacrifice!

b.    Brighid for Irish:

Bright Brighid, lady of the forge, lady of the flame, lady of inspiration.

We call on you today to awaken our inner flame, to inspire our words, to inspire our thoughts.

Shape our words and thoughts as you would the metal at your forge into the epitome of beauty and utility.

Give us silvered tongues so that we may speak only truths.

Bright Brighid, inspire us this night!  Bright Brighid! Accept our Sacrifice!

c.    Minerva For Roman/American (for 4th of July ritual):

Minerva, you have been inspiration for so many throughout history.  You have played a great role in the founding of our country, inspiring our founding fathers.  Your image has appeared time and again throughout our country.  One image of you that has inspired me is the one on the base of a statue of John Jay where you are dictating the constitution.

On this day where we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, we call on you to inspire us as you have inspired the founders of our country.  Show us the things we need to see.  Tell us the things we need to hear.  Let us speak with silvered tongues, speaking only truths.

Minerva, we call on you to inspire us in our works tonight.  Minerva, Accept our Sacrifice!