1. 3 performed in ritual
    1. We are One, composed by Ian Corrigan
    2. Fire Bright Fire, composed by Pandora
    3. Solstice Song, composed by Arlene Davis
  2. 3 other performances
    1. Her Name is Mother Berhta, composed by Steven Posch and performed by him on his Radio Paganistan album
    2. Manannan Invocation, by Marae Price
    3. Spirit of the Wind, unknown composer


Permission to use the recordings on the website by Steven Posch, the author, and confirmation that 3 songs were sung in ritual by the Senior Druid follow:



We have permission to use the story and song.  I'll make sure that there is

a notice of some sort at the beginning of each saying who wrote it, and

where it can be found.  His e-mail follows, for the guild's records.




-----Original Message-----

From: Steven Posch [mailto:swposch@iphouse.com]

Sent: Friday, January 02, 2009 6:23 PM

To: Robert

Subject: Re: Permissions?


Greetings Robb,


Well, I'm flattered! By all means, you have my permission to make use of

the stories. (I haven't been able to watch the videos yet, alas; I'm

still in the Technolithic here.) I'd just like to ask that you mention

my name somewheres; if you'd be willing to give a plug for "Radio

Paganistan," so much the better.


Best of luck with the rest of the program, and my wishes for a very

happy and prosperous New Year,