Permission to use the recordings on the website by Steven Posch, the author, follow.



We have permission to use the story and song.  I'll make sure that there is

a notice of some sort at the beginning of each saying who wrote it, and

where it can be found.  His e-mail follows, for the guild's records.




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From: Steven Posch []

Sent: Friday, January 02, 2009 6:23 PM

To: Robert

Subject: Re: Permissions?


Greetings Robb,


Well, I'm flattered! By all means, you have my permission to make use of

the stories. (I haven't been able to watch the videos yet, alas; I'm

still in the Technolithic here.) I'd just like to ask that you mention

my name somewheres; if you'd be willing to give a plug for "Radio

Paganistan," so much the better.


Best of luck with the rest of the program, and my wishes for a very

happy and prosperous New Year,