Compose three poems with a maximum of 50 lines total combined length.


Odin’s Night:

Off in the distance you hear such a sound:

The call of the horn and the bay of the hound.

With the caw of the crow,

And the fall of the snow,

Clearly it’s Odin who’s coming through town.


Nanna has said to look out for their flight,

Fast runs the boar that they hunt on this night.

With his men giving chase,

And the hounds setting pace,

Ducking your head you avoid their firm bite.


Tuck and you cover they fly overhead,

Watch for their eyes or you’ll live with the dead.

So hide from their sight,

You should cower this night,

Odin hunts boar but he’ll take you instead.


Sit in the house and watch it go by,

Clang of the shields are in ample supply.

With the roar of the horse,

And the boom of the force,

After they pass see that nothing’s awry.


Ode to the Great Squirrely One


O Great Squirrely One!
How you run up and down that tree
From its serpent-infested roots
To the crown adorned with feathers.
How do you not tire
On this endless journey?

O great communicator of Yggdrasil!
You share the words of the wyrm, Níðhöggr;
You share the words of eagle on high.
Insults are hurled between the two.
You keep the order of the worlds
Through the insults that you hurl.

Ratatosk, Great Squirrely One!
We call on you to be our voice:
Spread our words throughout the worlds
From the crown above to the roots below.
Ride that great horse Ygg,
On your path between the worlds!


Crow Haiku

The ever green tree

He sits in looking at me

Black feathered head Caws