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Kirk update

Kirk (the cat) has gone back to the vet today for a follow up to see how the drugs are working for him.  I have to say, in the past couple weeks, he has become himself again.  The inappropriate urination has stopped, and he's been more snuggly like he usually was prior to Christmas.  Overall, he's back to what he was like... for better or worse.  The goal of the vet visit was a heart rate between 120 and 160.  It was around 150 when he was calm, and 180 when he was excited... not bad overall, especially considering he was at a place that makes him nervous.

Martin Luther King Jr

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr's birthday, which would have been his 87th.  Today is a day we should be focused on the state of racism and bigotry in America as that is what King worked hard to get us past.  So, how are we doing?

On Cats and Mice

I have been living in my house now for about 11.5 years.  That first year here, I had discovered a mouse in the house, only one, and I was able to catch it with a live trap.  I released it out at the back of my property, and I never had another issue.  Since that time, I have added a few cats to the family, 3 cats to be specific.  I figured that I would never have mouse issues again as at least one of them would be a mouser.  A couple months ago, I heard a commotion out in the kitchen, and found that in fact, my most docile cat, Epic, had found a mouse and had caught it.

Worry Hat

So, trying my hand at making a pattern... this is the Questionable Content Worry Hat.


This hat is loosely based on the pattern by Alex Tinsley found at:

When I went to knit this pattern, I found that it was to small for an adult head. I also wanted to add a black border to mimic the drawn border for the hat. So, I modified this pattern to make it more to my liking.

A holiday that wasn't

Last weekend was the Christmas holiday.  I had plans to visit family and have a relaxing weekend.  Instead, I had a cat that showed signs of distress, and been worried about him all weekend.  What is wrong with the cat, and the root cause, is still up in the air, but the one thing we are sure of is that he developed a heart murmur in the last 4 months, and it's a significant one.  He'll be on a platelet inhibitor (Plavix) and will get an echocardiogram in 2 weeks (first appointment I could get).  Good thing I love the little devil as it's not going to be cheap.


We once again have traveled around the sun, and our northern reaches are pointing as far away form it as they can.  This means we have just passed the longest night and will be having longer and longer days ahead of us.  This is a time that we honor Suna and pray for her return.  This is a time where we honor Odhinn and ask her but take us in his wild hunts.  This is a time to spend with friends and family and to celebrate each other.

ADF Elections and ArchDruid Madness

It is the ADF Election season again, and I'm just coming to process what has happened in the past 10 days.  In what have turned out to be the final hours of the nomination window for ArchDruid, on Friday I was approached by Rev. Nancy McAndrew, without any prior communications on the whole AD election situation, and asked if I would run for ArchDruid.  I will be frank in that I had no intent on running this year going into the election season, I was honestly not even looking at running for any office.  I am though a big proponent for not having uncontested elections.

A wonderful weekend

This past weekend was a wonderful time for me.  This is because I was able to spend it with someone I truly have deep affection for.  We came into it with no plans, and in reality we didn't do to much.  I showed him some of the sights of the area, but really only the tip of what is here.  Instead, we spent time together, not really doing much, but being together.  It was, for me at least, a very satisfying weekend and one I can't wait to have again.


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