We started late for me, at 930, with the hopes that someone had been through and broken trail from the storm the friday/saturday before.  We were lucky.  It was broken.  Overall, it was a beautiful day. Clear sky, and warm.  I was sweating my ass off within a mile, and stripped down to just my long underwear top.  Unfortunately, I was wearing long underwear bottoms under my insulated pants, and my bottom half was sweating all day.  We made it to the col between the 2 mountains and went up Indian Head first.  There was one small section that was difficult, but I didn't really need to do more than grab a root and rock.  We got to the true peak in no time, and then went past to the first viewpoint and had an amazing view of Overlook mountain.  At this point, I taught one of the hikers I was with how to use a compass.

We then went back down to the col, and up Twin.  The climb up was uneventful, just slow.  We get to the first peak, and the views were amazing yet again.  We cross over to the true peak, and more amazing views.  The hike back out was good, and I was in the back trying to clean up the trail a little from the post holers that were up earlier in the day.  At the end, we were the last cars in the lot and left the trail in as good a shape as we could.

# 26 and 26/37 for the 3500. 

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