The original plan was to do the whole range as a through hike, but nobody wanted to hike with me.  So, instead I did just Sugarloaf, and I am glad I did only that.  The hike in from Roaring Kill is a quite lovely trail.  It was chilly out, but I was sweating, so I stripped down to just my thermal layer on top.  Small mistake, my belly was a little frostbitten at the end of the day.  The trail was in good shape going up the Devils Path from the trail junction.  There was ice around, and the ice flowing down the cliff and rock faces was beautiful.  Finally, right before the 3500 mark, I had to put on my microspikes.  The trail was just solid ice.  This lasted only a little way because once you reached the top, it was clear again.  Then the hike down was again, a steep climb with only 1 spot that I had to pick my way around due to ice.  When I reached the trail junction between Sugarloaf and Twin, I considered Twin, but I was exhausted from the steepness and roughness of the DP over Sugarloaf, so I went back to the car.  I am glad I went down this trail as there is some lovely stone structures that look over the valley.

This make peak #21 of the 3500.

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