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This is it, I'm down to the final 5 peaks of the 46'ers.  I started May 15, and I will be finishing up, if all goes to plan, September 5.... so just over 3.5 months, 255 miles, and 84.8K feet of elevation gain and loss.... if all goes to plan.

The plan is Friday I go up to Clear Pond, park, and hike the 4 miles in to the first set of camp sites by the Slide Brook Lean-to.  As this is the outer high peaks, I can camp anywhere I want in the area as long as I'm 150' from trail and water.  The map shows 3 tent sites there, so I should be fine.  The goal is to leave Albany around 2, get up to Clear Pond by 4, and set up camp around 6.  Should be more than doable.

Saturday, I'll go up the Slide Brook herd path and first summit Macomb (4405', #21).  From there, it's all ridge walk and while there is distance, it should be relatively easy.  Next up is South Dix (4060', #37) then Grace Peak (Formerly East Dix, 4012', #42).  I then will go back to South Dix and turn north to get Hough (pronounced Huff, 4400', #22) and then make my last ascent, going up Dix (4857', #6).  If things go to plan, I should be on Macomb by 9, South Dix by 10, Grace by 11, South Dix again about noon, Hough about 1, and Dix about 2.  That's averaging about 1 MPH.  I probably will be a bit faster than that, but it is 6.2 miles to Dix from Slide Brook lean-to.  From there, I have a choice to make, I can go back towards Hough, back over the Beckhorn, and down that way, or I can head towards Hunter's Pass which adds about 1/2 mile, but is slightly gentler.  I'll figure that out when I get done with Dix.  Needless to say, I should be back at camp by 5, after 10-10.5 miles of hiking.  I plan at this point to pack up then and hike the last 4 miles out to the car and head home.... if I don't feel it though, I am prepared to spend a second night and pack up and go home first thing Sunday morning.

Any way you look at it though, I should be done with the 46'ers by Saturday Afternoon.

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