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My next trip will have a lot of hiking and hit 13 peaks over a week.  The first 3 nights I'm saying at ADK Loj, so I'll have a soft bed and shower available each night.  The next 3 nights, I'll be in the backcountry, hopefully at Lake Arnold, camping.

The current plan is this...

Monday: get up there early (so leave here like 430) and do Street (4166', # 31) and Nye (3895, # 45).  These are not supposed to have great views, and they are herd paths to get up.  The total mileage is 8 miles and 2531' elevation gain.  When I get done with them, I then check in to Loj.

Tuesday:  Get on the trail early and I'll be doing Wright (4580', # 16), Algonquin for a second time (5114', #2), and Iroquois (4840', # 7).  Only Iroquois has herd path, the other 2 are trailed.  The total mileage is 9.34 miles, 4066' elevation gain.

Wednesday: Get on the trail early and do my longest hike of the trip, Tabletop (4427', #19) and Phelps 4161', #32).  Tabletop is a herd path while Phelps is trailed, and I've done it as a teenager.  Total mileage is 12 miles, and 3641' elevation gain.

Thursday:  I check out as early as I can and then get backpacking into the backcountry.  I hope I can set up camp around Lake Arnold, and if I can't then at either Feldspar or Uphill lean-tos further along the trail.  Assuming Arnold, that's 4.93 miles with 1665' elevation gain while wearing a full pack.  From there though, I'll be at the foot of Colden (4714', # 11) that I missed from my Flowed Lands trip.  That would be an additional 2.27 miles and only 902' of elevation gain.  So while it sounds daunting, it's probably a relatively easy day.

Friday: Here I will get the other 2 peaks I missed from my Flowed Lands trip.  Cliff (3960', # 44) and Redfield (4606, # 15).  These are both herd paths starting at the Uphill lean-to.  Overall it'll be 8.28 miles and 2724' elevation gain.

Saturday: I get the last 3 peaks in that part of the backcountry.  Gray (4840', # 8), Skylight (4924' #4) and Marcy (5344', #1).  I've done Marcy a couple times before, only once from the Lake Tear of the Cloud side though.  Gray is the only one with a herd path.  Overall, I'm not dreading doing the 3 peaks from the col between them, I'm dreading the Feldspar trail up as it's another steep trail where you are climbing over and around boulders.  I used to think it was the worst trail, but I've got a couple others high in the running at this point.  This would be a total of 8.79 miles and 3458' of elevation gain.

Sunday: I hike out.  If for some reason I miss Colden on my way in, I can get that first, otherwise it's just 4.93 miles downhill to get back to my car.

Overall, this trip will get me 13 peaks, leave me at 39, with 7 to go.  I'll also hike 58.6 miles and climb/lose 18.9K feet in elevation over 7 days.

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