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So, the last 2 weekends I have left undone peaks.  Specifically 2 weeks ago I left Colvin (4057', #39), and Blake (3960', #43) when I did Dial and Nippletop, and this last weekend I left Gothics (4736', #10) and Sawteeth (4100'. #35) when I did the Great Range.  My goal is to get these 4 peaks done before I go in via ADK Loj for a week of hikes.  That means that I will do them this weekend, or maybe, depending on weather, a pair next weekend.

My plan is to tackle Gothics and Sawteeth first.  This will be parking at the AMR parking lot at OMG hour of the morning.  Hike in about 3 miles via lake road and the west river trail.  At that point, it's 2600' of elevation gain over 2.5 miles... so, yeah, gonna be fun!  That gets me up to Gothics, then it's just a matter of going over Pyramid, down an equally steep slope for 1000' and up another one for 500' to reach sawteeth.  At that point, I can either go back down that 500' and go back directly, or just go over Sawteeth and take the scenic route (actual name) down to the west river trail to hike the last, now 5 miles, out.  This is a total of 13.8 miles and 4400' in elevation gain/loss.

The second hike will be Colvin, Blake, and back over Colivn.  I've heard that the trail between Colvin and Blake is a slog, and not fun... but not in the easy way that I had going between Panther and Couch.  This hike again starts at OMG hour of the morning at the AMR parking lot (if you don't get there at that hour, there's no parking and you're out of luck).  This starts how the Dial/Nippletop hike ended.  About 3.3 miles down lake road to the Gill Brook trail, and hike up about 2 miles until the trail turns off.  At this point, it's a climb up and over Colvin, then a steep down and up to Blake.  At that point, it's just going in reverse on the same trails back home.  These peaks are treed in, so the views are not going to be great.  If it's a dreary day, these peaks are perfect.  In total, this is a 14.5 mile hike with 4000' elevation gain/loss.

If I can get these 4 hikes done before I set out to Loj, I will be set to complete the 46 by the end of August.  These 4 hikes will bring me to 28 this year, 31 total, and set me up to do the 13 out of Loj to bring me to 41 this year/total at the end of that week.  That would leave me the 5 Dixes to end on Dix the third weekend of August.

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