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So, I planned to do the Great Range this weekend.  As of this moment the Gardens parking lot is marked as full, so I may not be able to.  If that is the case, I'll come home tonight and go right to bed when I get home to get up early and try again Friday morning.  I suspect there are just a bunch of day hikers out today and when I get there I'll find a parking spot.

But, if I can't find one tonight or early tomorrow morning, my alternative plans will be to to first do Blake (3960', #43) and Colvin (4057', #39) Friday morning, then head over to the Clear Pond parking to backpack in to the bases of the Dixes.  Saturday I'll then do Macomb (4405', # 21), South Dix (4060', #37), Grace (formerly East Dix, 4012', #42), Hough (pronounced Huff, 4400', # 22) and Dix (4857', # 6).

Sunday I will pack out and depending on when I get back to the car, I may go back to AMR and do Sawteeth (4100', #35).

The hike totals would be:

Blake/Colvin: 14.5 miles

Clear Pond to base camp (full pack): 4.1 miles (same back)

Dixes: 6.1 miles

Sawteeth: 13.2 miles

If I do all these peaks, I'll be short by 1 from my original plans... so 8 peaks, bringing me to 25 total, all new, 1 shy of 1/2 done.

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