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This weekend I am planning on doing Blake, Colvin, Dial, and Nippletop from the AMR/Roaring Brook parking area.  This can be done as a day hike... a long day hike, of around 18 miles and a lot of elevation gain (about 5700 feet!).  I am able to bail after 2 peaks though if I'm too exhausted or it gets to be too late.  Plan is to hike in, go over the side peak of Noonmark, over Bear Den, Dial and then Nippletop.  From here it's downhill to the gill brook  camp sites, and the trail up Colvin and Blake.  If I'm good here in time and stanima, I'll go up Colvin and Blake, backtrack, and go out via the AMR road which should be a relatively easy, long, downhill hike... even if it's dark at that point, I' should be able to make it back easily with a headlamp.  If I bail on the last 2, I'll try to go up again some other weekend day and get them... but I don't think that will happen.  I'm likely to go up on Sunday though instead of Saturday because of a tropical system heading up into the area Friday night into Saturday. :/

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