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This coming weekend, I'll be doing the Sewards.  Here I will be parking at the end of Coreys road, and hike about 4.5 miles in to set up camp on Friday afternoon.  Saturday, I will then go up Seward (4361', #24), Donaldson (4140', #33) and Emmons (4040', #40) then back over Donaldson and Seward for an 8.4 mile hike.  Alternatively, as the descent is easier than going down Seward per reviews, I may go back up Donaldson, and then go down the trail there and around, making it at 13 mile day (most on relatively flat land).  This is the loop shown on the map below.  Sunday, I'll pack up, go up Seymour (4120', #34) which is 4.8 miles and then hike the 4.5 miles back out.  This will make it 15 done this year, 31 to go.

This area is not a popular area of the park, and some reviews have said that some of these trails are perpetually muddy, and all have some good scrambles on them.  Basically, they're saying they are some of the more difficult trails of the 46ers.  None compared them to Allen though, but they do keep coming up as some of the more difficult ones... not sure if it's due to distance assuming a day hike, or because of other reasons.  Needless to say, many many miles will be done next weekend.  The current forecast though looks promising.

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