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Sunday, I set out for what I expected to be a very long day... little did I know how long it would be.  I started off with a poor night's sleep being woken up around 4 and then again around 5 with some campsite making a lot of noise.  I can only assume they had a bear issue.  I got on the trail about 630 and found myself 5 miles in by 9.  That is when the trail turns to go up the Allen Brook.  Literally, going up the brook in many spots.  This was a very steep and difficult climb  When the guide said allow 4 hours from the trailhead, they weren't kidding.  Going up I took one small fall because of the wet rocks.  I also lost the trail about 0.2 miles from the top, so I ended up bushwacking a trail that someone else had done too until I got to the top.

The top of the mountain was treed in, and the bugs were so bad, I didn't spend much time up there.  In retrospect, I am glad I did that.  Coming down I followed the proper herd path and found where I had gone wrong.  Going down, I again slipped a couple times on the wet rocks and seem to have ended up bruising the thumb side of my palm.  I thought the rest of the day that I sprained my thumb, but come morning it was obvious that was not the issue.  I also had scratched up my back and my pack and shirt were chafing my back something bad.

Once that mile of steepness was done, the rest of the trail back to camp was not bad, until about 2 miles out... it started to rain, and then pour.  I got soaked through.  My boots were waterlogged.  The one good thing is that I cooled off and got a little cleaner.  When I got to my site, I found my tent had taken on some water.  I also couldn't get my lighters to light.  I already was going to call it a trip and go home Monday because of the chafing and bruising, so since I knew it was about a 2.5 hour hike out, I packed up and headed home.  Like a hike I did many years ago on this same trail, I got back to my car just as it was getting to the point that a flashlight was going to be needed.  In the end, this was a 20 mile day.


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