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So my next trip is going to involve camping and forming a base camp to hit a total of 8 mountains.... well, actually, potentially forming 3 base camps.  This is to hit everything that comes out of the Upper Works/Tahawas area of the park.  The plan is to hike in to the flowed lands or lake Colden and set up camp. (route 1 below).  I've hiked that a few times, including with backpack, it's not a bad trip.  It's only 4.5ish miles, so if I can get there early enough I should be able to hit a peak that day.  That peak would be Marshall which would be another 4.7 miles (route 2).  This is a herd path that basically follows a stream to just below the top, and it looks like it is a consistent steep the whole way.

The next attempt will be Cliff and Redfield (route 3).  This is about a 9.3 mile day, partly on trails I've done before which are tough, but not that bad.  Then the last mile for each mountain though is herd path, and again, they seem to have a few steep parts to them.  If I'm good, I may be able to add another few miles on the day and get Colden on the way back, going the easier (but longer from the flowed lands) route over the mountain... but that would make it like a 15 mile day... possible, but I don't see it happening.

Colden will the next one at only 5.5 miles (route 4).  The approach from Lake Colden though is described as steep and with stairs and ladders, but the views of one of my favorite spots in the park, Avalanche Lake, are supposed to be spectacular when looking down the slide (avalanche) to the lake.  This is a fully trailed day, and it is possible to bring this to a much longer trip by going around it then over it.

Then we get to Allen (route 5).  There is no short way to do Allen, and the direct route from the road has a bridge over a major river washed out.  I am considering at this time hiking the 2ish miles down to the campsites on the trail.  That would make the trip a little shorter to about 10 miles instead of about 14 miles.  Needless to say, it will be a long day, mostly on herd paths, but overall it only looks to be steep for the last mile or so.

We then have a repositioning day where I need to hike out of the flowed lands, so probably about 6.5 miles if I camp on the trail to Allen, 4.5 if I'm still in the flowed lands.  I then drive down the road a little bit and head into the Sanantoi range.  The plan here is to backpack about 4 miles in to camp near Bradly pond, and then do Sanantoi, Panther, and Couchsachraga (route 6).  Finally hike out the next day.

Overall, this is planned to take 7 days, and I have 9 days to do it (sat-sun+1).  It should be doable, and all 8 peaks are new to me.  I can jump out early if I have to, I can always come back and do the Sanantoi range at a future date.  Marshall, Redfield, Cliff, Colden, and Allen are my main goals.

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