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Yesterday I started off at Roaring Brook trailhead and had a second attempt at Rocky Ridge Peak, and the thought that if it was clear, I'd also top Giant again.  Overall, the hike up Roaring Brook was not that bad.  It is 0.4 miles longer than the Ridge Trail, and about 500 more feet in elevation gain, but overall until the last half mile of the trail it wasn't that bad.  The last half mile until it hit the Ridge Trail though was a bit rough, not not really horrible overall.  When I got up to the split for Rocky, that trail was a PITA.  The top 1/2 of the trail down into the col between the mountains was nearly 100% scramble over bare rock.  It's been a while since I was so slow on my descent, and that was why.  The trail from the col to the top of Rocky was not that bad.  Rocky is a mostly bald peak, but the views are amazing.  You can see a great deal of the park, with the Dix range being the closest and most impressive.  You could also see lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont off to the east... it was a little hazy, but they were easy to make out.

Then the hike out is where the F' Giant comes in.  That last 1/2 of the climb up Giant was horrible, just as bad as coming down.  It was slow going, with some amazing views while climbing up though.  When I got to the end of that trail and had the option to go the 0.2 miles of gentle climb to Giant, I said F' it.  At that point I had 3.5 miles to go and it was about 430.  The rest of the hike out was not bad.  Around 5 it started to do the on and off rain with very high winds, even in the sheltered woods I was hiking through.  At the end, I found a massive blowdown over the trail that I was able to just walk around.  In the end, I was off the trail about 615.... 11.5 hours and 9.4 official trail miles.

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