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My first attempt at Rocky Ridge was in combination with Giant peak.  It was my first hike of the year up in the 'Daks, and I encountered a lot of snow and ice on the trail.  In short, I was not really ready for that hike.  I've done 4 more mountains since, and am in slightly better shape now than I was then.  I have decided to take a different route to the top... some of it I have done in my first attempt.  This time I'll be going up the Roaring Brook trail which is described as "more moderate" and "a former horse drawn cart road".  I'll believe it when I see it.  But in the end the elevation gain is only 500 feet more than that first attempt.  The length will be a bit longer though.... Per the map, the first attempt was 2.4 miles to the point the ridge trail and roaring brook trail meet.  This attempt it will be 2.8 miles.  From there, it's just under 2.2 miles to the top of Rocky Ridge.  That means my round trip will be 8.3 miles... maybe a bit more if I take the small jaunt to the top of Giant on my way back.... if the weather is good that is.

Even with the longer trail, it's still not going to be an easy hike... there is a nice continued steep climb before the trails meet up, and after that it's no picnic either as going up Giant and going down into the col between Giant and Rocky is relatively steep.  It will be a long day for sure.  My other option though is a 11-12 mile day with one steep climb towards the middle....  Without the ice out there, I think my plans will be the best option.



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