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I got up to the mountain about a quarter of 7 and was on the trail by 7.  It was on and off drizzle/rain for the first hour or so.  Being that it was forested, I didn't get horribly wet.  The wind was also rather consistent and strong the whole hike up.  As you can see in the stats below, this was a relatively short hike, GPS tracked it as 5.44 miles, officially it's supposed to be 6.2 miles.  This is probably because I turned down the sensitivity of the mapper.  I decided to do Porter first as it is the smaller of the two.  The trail was a stream the whole way down to the col, swampy at the bottom, and then back up to the big boulder before the peak.  I peaked about 9 and it was 100% cloud cover and lightly treed.  I then headed back to Cascade.  This is a bald peak that you have to go up a small ladder at one point.  Plenty areas of alpine vegetation being recovered.  I did get to the top about 9:45, found the bench mark, and again, this was 100% cloud cover.  So much for any views today.  On the way down, I passed over a dozen groups that were heading up. I am very happy I got on the trail at 7 when I did otherwise I'd be dealing with the crowds.  Back in the car by 11 and home by 1.  Overall, a good day.

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