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If I'm really good, Monday I'll be doing another 2 peaks.  More likely than not, it will be next weekend though.  These two will be Cascade and Porter from Marcy Field.  The old approach to the peaks has been closed due to it's immense popularity and issues with parking.  Cascade was the sacrificial peak as it was only 4.8 miles round trip and not a horrible hike either.  We'll find out what the new one is after this eason as the approaches to Cascade are now significantly longer.  I'll be doing the one from Marcy Field which takes me over Blueberry mountain and Porter on the way to Cascade.

A second, shorter and less climbing approach is to come in from route 73 and head east instead of west.  This trail is supposed to close, but considering the approach from the Gardens is closed and the approach from ADK Loj is not completed yet, this trail seems to still be open.  It had many reviews on it last weekend.  With that in mind, I am going to try that approach first as it's significantly shorter and easier.... but I am prepared to do it from Marcy Field if it comes down to it.

Cascade: #36 in height, 4098 feet

Porter: #38 in height, 4059 feet.

From 73


From Marcy Field


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