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Today I took my first steps this year towards becoming a 46'er.  The hike was planned to be Giant and Rocky Ridge peaks.  I instead found that the trail was worse than I was expecting, and well, it took me 4 hours to summit Giant around noon.  On top of that, it was in the clouds.


The trail up is steep, which really was not unexpected.  I'm a bit out of shape when it comes to endurance, so it was a slow climb in general.  About half way up, the trail became pure ice and snow.  I had trail crampons/spikes with me as I was expecting that, but it still sucks to walk in them, especially on the few places that it turned to bare rock.  When I got to the top, people were saying that the trail over to Rocky Ridge was just pure ice.  I declined to do those 2.6 miles today, which means I will be back to this peak, hopefully on a clear day.

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I have pictures on here at:  The first few before the foggy pictures are of round lake and such at about 0.6 miles.  The clouds are on the top, and the rest are some great views on the way back.  The one mountain with snow on it I think may have been Dix.

One down, 45 to go.

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