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Next up in the COoR is the statement of purpose.  While this may seem like something extra that could be skipped over or going through quickly, one should consider it a bit more.

At the most basic level, this is stating what the ritual is about and for.  Granted, all those gathered should know this before showing up to the ritual, but some people just don't pay much attention, especially if it's not a high day.  We also can have some differences depending on the culture are celebrating in.   The overarching theme is likely similar, but details will be different.

This is also not just for us, but for all those we are inviting into the ritual.  This defines for them why we are worshipping, and gives then context determine if they are an outdweller for this ritual or not, assuming you define outdwellers as those not aligned with the ritual's purpose.

There is also something more subtle happening here too.  By defining our purpose in ritual, we are helping further the development of the group mind.  This started with the musical signal, group meditation, or other parts during the initiation of the ritual.  A stronger group mindset can make the ritual feel more intimate, more powerful, and/or more fulfilling to the participants.

With that all in mind, when I'm doing the statement of purpose, I look at why we are here.  Usually it is about the high day, so I talk about what the high day is about.  Since high days are usually partially about the changing of the sessions and the different agricultural tasks that have to be done, I also include discussion about that often in the form of talking about what nature looks like now and what the farmers fields are doing.

This is an example from a Yule ritual.

We are here this day to celebrate Yule. Yule is the shortest day of the year, the longest night. The world around us appears dead or dying, the leaves are gone, there is snow falling. We are in a bleak time of year, but starting on Yule, the days start getting longer, the nights get shorter. In the lore we hear of the Wild Hint where Odin leads a band of ghostly men and hounds that you want to avoid or risk death.  

In a week or two we'll really start to notice the days getting longer, and it is a time to celebrate the return of the sun. As this is also the start of a new solar year.  

As has become the Grove's tradition, and because Odin is our patron for this ritual, we are also doing oracular seidhr work tonight after we receive the blessings.

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